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Don’t know what Modern Pilates is? It’s one of the best total body workouts you can do and its all done on our specially designed FIT FIRE machines. From the quality of our trainers, down to our state of the art FIT FIRE machines, each and every time you step into our modern pilates studio you will be transformed both mentally and physically.


Professionally certified pilates trainers in Orlando take you through 45 minutes of some of the best energy filled, high intensity, low impact worksouts you can do. Classes for beginners up to expert level are available to keep you motivated and challenged each and every class. 


Great people, incredible workouts, and a passion to help others achieve their fitness goals is what make the FIT 407 community a place for everyone to come. We have all levels of pilates classes to meet individual needs. See you soon!

What We Do



Metabolic Rate
Muscular Strength


Muscle Tone and Definition
Posture Alignment


Cardiovascular Efficiency
Body Composition
Bone Density


Taking an intro class is highly recommended for first timers. The FIT Method along with the moves are explained in greater detail. The exercise times are reduced to allow for muscle adaptation and the transitions are slower. If you prefer a private one on one class, this is a great option as well.

If you have injuries or are pregnant, always consult your doctor first before taking any fitness class. At FIT, exercises can be modified to accommodate induvial needs, however the responsibility is on the member to decide if they are up for the workout at hand.

All FIT classes are challenging. That’s the beauty of the workout. Because this is time under tension with spring based resistance, you can modify the workout to your ability.. and yes you will be sore after your first few classes.

We recommend that you take your first class and allow at least a day maybe two in between your second class. If done properly, you will feel the effects for a few days after the first few classes. Once you are familiar with the workout, we recommend a minimum of 2x a week and 3-4 times a week for ideal results.

Depending on your fitness goals, we recommend one of the memberships that allows for your minimum workout times per week. If you commit to 12 or 6 month memberships, the costs are significantly reduced. Talk with a FIT TEAM member about the membership that is right for you.

Download the FIT 407 app and manage all class scheduling an purchases. Make sure text messaging and email is opted in your customer profile so you can receive notifications about upcoming classes and waitlist status. Bring grip socks or purchase a pair at the Studio. Bring a water bottle and towel and get ready to transform in the best you!

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