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THE FIT METHOD Exclusively Taught at FIT 407

At FIT 407, we teach the FIT Method ( Slow Resistance Training) of Modern Pilates and do so on our FIT MACHINES. The FIT METHOD is not just any workout routine; instead it’s a holistic approach to over all fitness and well being creating balance for today’s needs.

Holistic Approach

Beyond just muscle tone and strength, our Pilates Reformer exercises aim at the comprehensive wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Every move is designed to reinvigorate, re-energize, and rejuvenate, harmonizing inner and outer self.


Recognizing the evolving dynamics of today’s lifestyle, we have curated routines that are both flexible and challenging. This adaptability ensures that each session is tailored to individual needs, promoting both health and comfort.

Technological Integration

At FIT 407, tradition meets technology. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that the classical benefits of Pilates are enhanced with modern precision and feedback. This seamless amalgamation ensures you get the most out of every session.


Our philosophy is grounded in empowerment. We believe in guiding our clients to harness their inner strength, facilitating not just physical, but also mental and emotional growth.

Community Building

At the heart of FIT 407 is the sense of community. Each workout, each session, is a step toward building a more connected, supportive, and engaged community of Pilates enthusiasts.

When you come to a FIT 407 Studio, you aren’t just taking a Modern Pilates class; you’re immersing yourself in a transformative experience. Our exclusive FIT METHOD of Modern Pilates ensures that with every breath and every move, you’re one step closer to a  healthier more balanced self.


FIT 407 Modern Pilates: Ageless Fitness for All Over 16

The beauty of the Modern Pilates approach at FIT 407 is its universal appeal and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for individuals aged 16 and above. Here’s how FIT 407 ensures an inclusive and age-embracing environment:

Adaptive Techniques

The core strength of Modern Pilates lies in its fluidity. At FIT 407, our routines can be adjusted in intensity and complexity. Whether you’re a vibrant 16-year-old looking for an athletic challenge or in your golden years seeking gentle strengthening, our trainers customize each session to your needs.

Age-Inclusive Environment

We pride ourselves on fostering a community atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed. The diversity in age among our members creates a supportive environment where experiences and stories are shared, and mutual encouragement thrives.

Cognitive Benefits

Modern Pilates is not just a physical endeavor. For older adults, the concentration and coordination required can sharpen mental faculties, aiding in memory retention and focus. For younger adults, it can help in stress relief and mental clarity amidst their busy lives.

Joint Health & Flexibility

As we age, joint health and flexibility become paramount. The low-impact nature of Pilates exercises ensures that individuals of all ages can enhance their mobility and reduce the risk of injuries without straining their bodies.

Building Bone Density

Especially important for older adults, Pilates can aid in maintaining and even building bone density, a crucial factor in preventing osteoporosis. For younger individuals, it’s a proactive approach to ensuring bone health in later years.

Lifestyle Integration

Regardless of age, everyone seeks a workout that can be seamlessly integrated into their lifestyle. The practices and philosophies taught at FIT 407 resonate outside the studio, guiding individuals in posture correction, mindful breathing, and holistic wellness in daily life.

FIT 407 is more than just a Pilates studio; it’s a community where age is just a number. By welcoming everyone over the age of 16, we ensure that the benefits of Modern Pilates are accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding for all. Step into a world where age doesn’t define capability; instead, it enriches the collective experience. Dive into the ageless journey of fitness with FIT 407.


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 Taking an intro class is highly recommended for first timers. The FIT Method along with the moves are explained in greater detail. The exercises times are reduced to allow for muscle adaptation and the transitions are slower. If you prefer a private one on one class, this is a great option as well.

If you have injuries or are pregnant, always consult your doctor first before taking any fitness class. At FIT, exercises can be modified to accommodate induvial needs, however the responsibility is on the member to decide if they are up for the workout at hand.

All FIT classes are challenging. That’s the beauty of the workout. Because this is time under tension with spring based resistance, you can modify the workout to your ability.. and yes you will be sore after your first few classes.

We recommend that you take your first class and allow at least a day maybe two in between your second class. If done properly, you will feel the effects for a few days after the first few classes. Once you are familiar with the workout, we recommend a minimum of 2x a week and 3-4 times a week for ideal results.

Depending on your fitness goals, we recommend one of the memberships that allows for your minimum workout times per week. If you commit to 12 or 6 month memberships, the costs are significantly reduced. Talk with a FIT TEAM member about the membership that is right for you.

Download the FIT 407 app and manage all class scheduling an purchases. Make sure text messaging is turned accepted as you receive notifications about upcoming classes and waitlist status. Bring grip socks or purchase a pair at the Studio. Bring a water bottle and towel and get ready to transform in the best you!

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